An extensible & fast WordPress Starter Theme

NetLime Starter Theme is build from NetLime Theme modules namely Core, Debug, DisableEmoji, Assets, Cache, Image, Menu, Navigation, Sidebars, Supports, Title, Pagination and MegaMenu to show a demo theme built from these modules and also to create a theme that you can use out-of-the-box.

All of these modules are available at and

The great thing is that you can implement NetLime Theme modules to your existing theme or any of your theme you will build from scratch. So you can just inspect how the Core module works, how it’s connected together and you are ready to build your own.

Features that you will love


NetLime Theme is built to support theme modules (or extensions). These modules helps to extend theme functionality. You can anytime just download and install theme module or just create your own and share with the community.


NetLime Theme is built to use sections which are re-usable on any part of your website. Define once use anywhere.


NetLime Theme ships with support for multiple wrappers to define multiple layouts. No more hacking of single wrapper file.


NetLime Theme ships with built in caching extension to cache output of sections to increase website performance without using third party full page cache solutions.

Hooks & Configs

The core of NetLime Theme and the out-of-the box extensions are fully extendable using hooks and config overrides.

Clean code

NetLime Theme is build on clean code base to be readable by human beings also.

Composer support

NetLime theme core and it's components are available at netlime-theme/*

Debug mode

NetLime Theme ships with debug extension to monitor load time and render time of extensions and sections.

Mega Menu

NetLime Theme ships with kind of mega menu extension. That allows to place any shortcode as sub-menu, allowing to create mega menu.

Bootstrap oriented

NetLime Theme ships with bootstrap navigation menu, comments and widget wrappers.

Front-end flow free

NetLime Theme believes that forcing front-end development tools/configs into theme is bullsh*t. That means no more bower, node, npm,... configs in theme. Anyone can setup their own workflow as needed.

Custom fields and theme options

This is a planned feature that will come as optional theme module. ACF Pro is not available for open source projects, Piklist is very buggy from my personal experience. So the possible winner is